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LLC "Sibnefteprodukt” deems its duty to encourage consolidation of the national economy and creation of a favorable social climate in the country providing for stable and dynamic business development. Though the Company focuses its main efforts on achieving operation goals, but, if possible, it strives to maintain social initiatives aimed at improving the living standards of people in the regions where LLC "Sibnefteprodukt" performs its activity.


Social assistance

Care about the personnel is the key activity of LLC "Sibnefteprodukt" social policy. Performance efficiency of all Holding’s Enterprises directly depends on the emotional comfort and positive attitude of the labor collective. Therefore, the main Company’s efforts in social sphere are aimed to create favorable working conditions, all-round support and social welfare of employees and their families.

Being a responsible employer, LLC "Sibnefteprodukt" strives to provide the employees with a competitive salary and good social package, wide potentials for professional and carrier development. The Holding’s Enterprises develop an integrated approach to personnel engagement, which is based on a flexible system of monetary benefits paid under performance results and different elements of moral encouragement.


Social and labor relations in the Company and its subsidiaries are regulated by collective agreements, which guarantee a high level of social protection to the employees. LLC "Sibnefteprodukt" key Enterprises offer their employees various social benefits, including meal allowances, the possibility to obtain free medical service under the voluntary medical insurance program, participation in non-state pension provision programs, the right to reimbursement health resort treatment and rest.


Charity and regional cooperation


LLC "Sibnefteprodukt", as a socially oriented company, deems it necessary to encourage settlement of vital social challenges, render adequate assistance to those in need, favour and encourage positive social changes in the regions of the Company’s activity. The Holding’s Enterprises consider the social investment as one of the most important elements of the corporate development strategy and annually spend significant funds for charity and sponsor activities.